Why “Adopt, Don’t Shop” Matters

I know so many people roll their eyes at the phrase, “Adopt, don’t shop.” I’ve even advocated before that it’s OK to buy a pet from a breeder if you research and visit them to know they’re ethical and truly care for their animals. I still believe reputable breeders are better than pet stores, theContinue reading “Why “Adopt, Don’t Shop” Matters”

That Wall You’re Hitting? It Might Be Growth in Disguise.

If you’re like me, you’ve had plenty of moments where you were ready to throw in the towel. You felt like you were failing, no one cared, the challenges you were facing were too steep to continue trudging through. That feeling has been prevalent in many aspects of my life over the past few years.Continue reading “That Wall You’re Hitting? It Might Be Growth in Disguise.”

I Wrote an Obituary for My Cat

When my faithful feline companion of over 13 years passed away recently, I couldn’t stay silent. I just had to acknowledge his life, his death, and my deep love for my special cat. The first thing I thought of was to write an obituary for him. While words can’t express how much Captain meant toContinue reading “I Wrote an Obituary for My Cat”

30 Things I Know as I’m Approaching 30

Today is my 30th birthday. I say that with both a bit of trepidation and a bit of excitement. Even though I’m a decade older, I still feel young at heart. Within the past year especially, I really feel like I’ve grown tremendously as a person and I’m pretty proud of the adult I’m becoming.Continue reading “30 Things I Know as I’m Approaching 30”

Weird Things Fargoans Say

Being a native Hoosier, when I first moved to the Fargo area, I was hyper-aware of all the strange things people here said. It was almost like another language sometimes. I had to ask what certain sayings or words meant, and sometimes there was confusion because the way I talked was different than the wayContinue reading “Weird Things Fargoans Say”

Why You Should Attend Your High School Reunion

I had no idea that so many people had so much nonchalance toward high school reunions until I started planning my own. Maybe my school was just atypical, but I had been looking forward to a reunion ever since I graduated. At my school, we had always been a small but close-knit class. Even thoughContinue reading “Why You Should Attend Your High School Reunion”

Lessons I’ve Learned in Therapy

Today I’m admitting something that’s kind of hard because of a stigma attached to it: I tried therapy. And actually, so far, it’s working wonders. I’ve learned that many people suffer from anxiety, which I had no clue was so common, and reading others’ brave posts made me want to share my own experience. TheseContinue reading “Lessons I’ve Learned in Therapy”