30 Things I Know as I’m Approaching 30

Today is my 30th birthday. I say that with both a bit of trepidation and a bit of excitement. Even though I’m a decade older, I still feel young at heart. Within the past year especially, I really feel like I’ve grown tremendously as a person and I’m pretty proud of the adult I’m becoming. Adulting can be hard, but the longer I live, the more I learn.

Here are 30 things I know so far.

  1. Loving yourself, truly deeply, is so much easier said than done, but it sure does help to remember that no one is perfect and you’re pretty great.
  2. Friendships are a tough thing sometimes, but the best ones are worth fighting for, and the toxic ones are worth dumping.
  3. Life is too short to spend your time doing things you hate.
  4. Above all, making your marriage your top priority is so important.
  5. It’s OK to eat dessert first sometimes. In fact, I encourage it.
  6. Your pets’ lives are even shorter than your own. Cherish every moment with your furry friends.
  7. You should do at least one thing every single day that brings you joy.
  8. Serve others when you can. Make a positive impact on the world.
  9. Reading and watching TV is great, but the best escape is a conversation with your loved one.
  10. There are a lot better uses of your time than using it worrying what others think.
  11. Travel is one of the best things you can do for yourself, even if it means taking a brief financial hit.
  12. You really should treat yourself to a giant fruity adult beverage with an umbrella for getting through yet another work week.
  13. “Things” do not matter. Purge the clutter and embrace your inner Marie Kondo.
  14. A funny cat video can make almost anything better.
  15. When you look good, you feel good. Dress how you want to feel. 
  16. Appreciate nature. Even a short walk to take in the crisp fall air, or a summertime picnic, can do wonders for the soul.
  17. Have no shame about doing childlike things sometime regardless of your age. Like having a tea party, building a fort or putting a juice box in your lunch bag.
  18. Watch cartoons after a scary movie to help prevent nightmares. 
  19. Be confident. Stop doubting yourself.
  20. Never be afraid of asking for help.
  21. If your mind ever feels too crowded, take some time to sit back, close your eyes and meditate. Just allow your mind to wander without distractions. Journal if it helps. Get it out. You will feel better.
  22. Not all healthy food tastes bad. Try new things because you might be pleasantly surprised.
  23. If someone inspires you, tell them that. If someone made you smile, tell them that. Thank others for being awesome. It might just make their day.
  24. Regular massages are one of the best indulgences you can buy yourself, and they are worth budgeting for.
  25. Coupons are great, but just because you have one doesn’t mean you have to use it.
  26. Facebook is a time suck. Unfriend/unfollow those who do not add something positive to your feed. Life is too short to be bombarded with hateful political rants from that guy you know from somewhere but you can’t even remember what from. While you’re at it, try turning off all push notifications.
  27. Be proud of yourself and your accomplishments. Just keep a level head.
  28. Take time to appreciate the beautiful things in life. Like fall colors in the trees, summertime flowers, kindness from others, the art of dance, a frothy coffee or Channing Tatum.
  29. The ’90s were the best decade for music, movies and TV.
  30. 30 is going to be my best decade yet. I just know it.

Special thank you to my husband for being awesome and supportive. I’m so glad to have you in my corner and in my life.

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