The Bridge: October 2018

newsletter cover

Chamber publication content and coordination

Summary: The Bridge is The Chamber’s award-winning monthly newsletter, both in print and online, designed to keep members in the know and showcase Chamber success stories. This month features a dive into local public policy and a guide to the upcoming election. It was distributed to 1,000 in print and 10,000 digitally.

Project: I wrote and researched all content and coordinated the design, printing and production of the final product, working with Chamber staff, photographer, advertisers, members, sponsors, and contracted vendors. The Bridge was one my regular monthly projects, and one I took immense pride in producing. Over my six years at The Chamber, The Bridge saw a few evolutions, going from a traditional newsletter to a tool used to tell the stories of the business community and leaders, share about important community issues, educate on current events and best business practices, and promote and feature the breadth of our own programming. I worked hard to continually refine the magazine, creating a style and brand guide to ensure consistency, and working with local pros to ensure the best content, design and photography was featured.

The Bridge was named Publication of the Year by the Mid-America Chamber Executives during my tenure.

Published: October 1, 2018

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