2018-19 Chamber Year in Review Video

Chamber video script and production

Summary: The Chamber’s biggest Annual Meeting yet was a great success and celebration of community and members. Relive the highlights – from events, program, membership, advocacy and more – here.

Project: Telling the story of The Chamber’s fiscal year and acting as an annual report, I wrote this script and storyboard with the goal to prove that chambers should no longer be viewed as old boy’s clubs. Instead, I aimed to highlight the vibrancy and vitality of The Chamber’s programs and services and contributions to the larger community. I organized all scripting, pulled together photo and video b-roll, working with executive leadership and contract agencies. The year in review video was an annual project with months of planning and coordination. In total, I helped produce six videos throughout the years, and this one was my favorite as it featured The Chamber’s president Craig Whitney before he sadly passed away from cancer. Craig served as a mentor to me and always supported my career and development, and he stayed positive and focused right up until the end. I carry his wisdom and experiences with me still today.

Published: September 12, 2019

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